"To create health, you need a new kind of knowledge,
based on a deeper concept of life."

                                                                                       Deepak Chopra, M.D.

Over the past ten years, I have spoken with thousands of people about their dogs and cats.  In most cases, their animal friend was ill or experiencing some kind of imbalance. The most common imbalances: allergies, ear infections, itchy skin, IBD, urinary tract infections, diabetes and thyroid issues.  There were many calls about cancer, too.

The common denominator in 95% of these conversations: heat processed dry or canned food - including "good" dry food.  Cooked food is not a natural substance for your dog or cat to consume, and it is almost impossible for them to fully digest either dry or canned food.  Both canines and felines have very short, acidic digestive systems. From their dental structure to their acidic digestive tracts, they were designed to consume meat, and digest high-quality, enzyme-rich, nutrient dense food.

Dry food is baked at very high temperatures, sometimes more than once.  So while the ingredient list may look great, including things like blueberries or carrots, all the enzymes and nutrients get baked or canned into oblivion!  Flavoring is sprayed on the food in many cases to make it appetizing, especially for cats.

During the horrific dog and cat food recall of 2004-2005, I spoke with hundreds of people about dogs and cats who had died or were dying of kidney disease due to toxins in pet food. Entire kennels were wiped out. The extent of this tragedy has never been publicized. Foods that were to blame were well-known commercial foods that were being sold in grocery stores, among others.  Food is still being recalled quite often - it's just not publicized.  

These were the first months of learning about feline and canine nutrition and health.  Throughout this early time period, I continued to feed dry food to my dogs. In fact, I continued to feed dry for almost 3 years after the major recall!  I thought my brands were good ones.  Then one of the foods I was feeding got recalled, and that was the final straw. I realized that the dog food manufacturers have little control over the "co-packers" who actually produce the food and bag/can it. So even if the ingredients were perfect in every way, the risk of contamination in an industry with very little regulation is way too high to take a chance.  

And, really, the ingredients are far from perfect. This is due in most part to the damaged sustained in the heat processing that all canned and dry food is subjected to.  Of course, all enzymes are destroyed.  So are all of the antioxidants and many other vital nutrients.  Then nutrients are added back in, only they are synthetic, unbalanced nutrients.  You just can't replace life energy by spraying vitamins onto chunks of crunchy, dried out nuggets.

I read an article the other day that explained poop eating as something dogs do when they are bored, and that it has nothing to do with nutrition.  What??  Of course poop eating is a nutritional issue!  Number 1 - the food is undigestible, so it still smells like food to a dog when it comes out in partially digested form.  Number 2 - Dogs on a dry food diet are definitely not getting a balance of all nutrients necessary to thrive, so they eat what smells to them like something that might still have some nutritional value.    

The truth is, imbalances such as poop eating, ear infections, itchy skin, IBD, urinary tract infections, joint issues, diabetes, cancer and thyroid issues rarely occur in a balanced dog or cat.  These imbalances and others can be resolved or avoided altogether by simply feeding your dog or cat a wholesome, species-appropriate diet and eliminating foods and ingredients that create illness!  

Did you know that a well-nourished animal is naturally resistant to fleas, ticks and other parasites?

It is the goal of this website to help you CREATE HEALTH! for your dog or cat.


During her first year of life, Lily had recurrent pneumonia and other serious health complications caused by a rare congenital birth defect called a dermoid cyst, which dramatically impairs her immune system.  

She was near death on at least 4 occasions, misdiagnosed by several veterinarians and we spent thousands of dollars before she was correctly diagnosed as having a birth defect. 

Helping Lily find her way back to a healthy, energetic life led me to discover the power of super-foods and species appropriate nutrients.  The magic of this whole-food diet changed everything for Lily!
Dogs can age gracefully and remain active into their golden years.  This is Tasha (background) age 14, waiting for Ozzie, age 2, to try and get by her!

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